About Ivey Ranch Park Association

Ivey Ranch Park Association stands as a beacon of inclusivity and community integration in the world of equine therapy. Nestled in Oceanside, California, this non-profit organization has been fostering connections between people and horses since 1981, catering to both disabled and able-bodied individuals. With a focus on encouraging social interaction across all ages, Ivey Ranch offers a unique environment where everyone is invited to engage, grow, and heal.

The heart of Ivey Ranch's mission lies in its equitable approach—embracing diversity and promoting personal choice. As a hub for care, education, training, and recreational activities, the association serves over 275 individuals weekly, with a significant number facing moderate to severe challenges. From behavioral and genetic disorders to trauma-induced disabilities, the programs are designed to support community integration and participation, while also fostering self-respect, competence, and self-reliance.

The equestrian programs at Ivey Ranch are particularly noteworthy, providing a range of equine-assisted activities that go beyond therapeutic riding. The vaulting and able-bodied riding programs cater to various skill levels, and the "Horses for Heroes" initiative is a commendable effort to serve veterans. The “Birthday at the Ranch” offering creates memorable experiences, reflecting the organization's commitment to joy and community spirit.

Volunteer opportunities, internships, and the Ivey Ranch Store are just a few avenues through which the community can get involved and support the association. The emphasis on volunteerism not only helps sustain the many programs available but also instills a sense of ownership and pride within the local community.

While glowing testimonials underscore the positive impact of Ivey Ranch on its participants, one must acknowledge the challenges that come with operating a non-profit in a specialized field. Funding, resource management, and maintaining high standards of care are ongoing tasks. Yet, the dedication to provide a nurturing environment for growth and healing is evident through the association's efforts.

What sets Ivey Ranch Park Association apart from other equine therapy companies is its unwavering dedication to inclusivity and community service. The broad spectrum of programs tailored to diverse needs, coupled with the organization's rich history and values, positions it as a distinctive entity in the equine therapy landscape. The association doesn't just offer services; it builds a community where individuals are seen, valued, and supported on their journey toward healing and personal growth.

Products and Services

Ivey Ranch Park Association offers a diverse array of equine therapy programs, including therapeutic riding for individuals with special needs, able-bodied riding for community integration, specialized services for veterans, and the artful discipline of vaulting, all aimed at enhancing physical, emotional, and social well-being in an inclusive environment.

Therapeutic Riding

A program offering horseback riding to enhance physical, emotional, and social well-being for individuals with special needs.

Able-Bodied Riding

Horseback riding programs for individuals without disabilities, promoting community integration and interaction.

Horses for Heroes

A dedicated riding program for veterans, serving as a form of therapy and personal growth for those who have served.


A unique equestrian discipline that combines gymnastics and dance on horseback, available for various skill levels.


  • Over 40 years of experience providing therapeutic and educational programs for individuals with and without special needs

  • Offers unique experiences like 'Birthday at the Ranch' and internships for students

  • Home to 25 horses that provide therapeutic benefits to a large number of children and veterans annually


  • May not offer the same level of luxury amenities as some other equine therapy centers

  • The broad focus on education and community service could dilute the focus on equine therapy specifically

Getting Started

Ivey Ranch Park Association offers a range of programs for both special needs and able-bodied individuals, focusing on therapeutic horse riding and childcare services. After signing up, you'll likely begin with an orientation to familiarize yourself with the facility and the available programs. Start the process by reaching out through their website or by phone for a detailed assessment. If Ivey Ranch Park Association isn't the right match, you can check out the rest of our rankings.