About Circle TLC Ranch

Circle TLC Ranch is nestled in the picturesque East County of San Diego, offering a haven of tranquility and healing for those seeking solace from the turbulence of life's challenges. Specializing in equine therapy, the ranch provides a unique therapeutic approach that harnesses the innate connection between humans and horses to facilitate emotional growth and healing.

The serene environment of Circle TLC Ranch is a critical component of its therapeutic offerings. The ranch's peaceful setting allows clients to step away from the noise of their everyday environment and immerse themselves in nature, an experience that is often therapeutic in its own right. The ranch's focus on trauma therapy is particularly noteworthy, offering specialized services for children, teens, and adult women who have experienced traumatic events or are coping with mental health conditions.

One of the standout features of Circle TLC Ranch is its approach to therapy, with horses serving as the therapists. This form of equine-assisted therapy is not just about riding; it's about building a relationship with the horses through ground-based activities that promote self-awareness and personal breakthroughs. The interactions with these intuitive animals can provide profound insights into one's behavior and emotional state, making it a powerful tool for those seeking to understand and work through deep-seated issues.

The staff at Circle TLC Ranch is dedicated to guiding clients on their journey to healing. Testimonials speak to the transformative power of the programs offered, with many clients expressing a newfound sense of confidence and emotional release after their sessions. The ranch's commitment to accessibility is also commendable, as it operates as a non-profit and provides scholarships and grants to ensure that its programs are available to those in need, regardless of their financial situation.

In terms of amenities, Circle TLC Ranch appears to provide a well-rounded experience that extends beyond therapy sessions. The ranch's website highlights various aspects of ranch life, from meeting the horses—affectionately referred to as "furry therapists"—to participating in ranch happenings and events. This inclusive atmosphere fosters a sense of community and belonging, which can be an integral part of the healing process.

While Circle TLC Ranch may not be the first choice for those seeking a luxury retreat experience like some of its competitors in the Equine Therapy Companies industry, it stands out for its heartfelt inclusivity and focus on trauma therapy. Its non-profit model and emphasis on community integration position it as a welcoming space for a diverse clientele, including those who might otherwise be unable to afford such services.

In conclusion, Circle TLC Ranch offers a compelling and compassionate form of therapy that leverages the therapeutic presence of horses in a setting that emphasizes personal care and community. While it may not have the upscale amenities of some luxury-focused centers, its strengths lie in its dedication to accessibility, its specialized focus on trauma, and the profound connections it fosters between clients and horses. For those considering equine therapy as a path to healing, Circle TLC Ranch presents a genuine, community-oriented option that merits consideration.

Products and Services

Circle TLC Ranch offers a compassionate equine therapy experience, providing a sanctuary for children, teens, and adult women to heal from trauma and enhance mental well-being, with a commitment to accessibility through financial aid.

Equine Assisted Coaching Therapy

Helps promote self-awareness, breakthrough, and healing through equine-facilitated coaching exercises, guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery.

Therapeutic Riding for Trauma

A safe space for children, teens, and adult women to overcome emotional challenges and trauma with the help of therapy horses.

Equine Therapy for Mental Health Conditions

A program designed for those struggling with mental health conditions, offering an escape from daily life challenges and fostering healing.

Scholarships and Grants for Equine Therapy

Ensures programs are accessible to those in need by offering scholarships and grants for equine therapy sessions.


  • Offers Equine Assisted Therapy and Coaching Therapy tailored to individuals who have experienced trauma

  • Provides scholarships and grants, making services accessible to a wider audience

  • Customizable programs ensure therapy is effective and caters to unique individual circumstances


  • Focus on trauma may not cater to all individuals seeking equine therapy for other needs

  • May not have the same range of amenities as larger, more established equine therapy centers

Getting Started

By signing up with Circle TLC Ranch, you can expect equine therapy sessions tailored for trauma and emotional healing, especially for children, teens, and adult women. The registration process will likely involve a consultation to understand your needs and match you with the right therapy program. To start, call or email them for more information or to arrange a visit. If Circle TLC Ranch doesn't suit your needs, you can check out the rest of our rankings.