About Walk Intuit

Walk Intuit stands out in the Equine Therapy Companies industry as a beacon of holistic healing and community-centric care. Catering to individuals grappling with trauma, this nonprofit organization in Orange County, California, presents a unique model that integrates trauma therapy with spiritual healing, emphasizing the importance of family and community involvement.

The organization’s approach to therapy is both expansive and inclusive, offering a wide range of services that aim to support the whole person, not just address their past experiences. Clients at Walk Intuit have access to individual, family, couples, and group therapy, as well as specialized services like sound healing, Reiki, trauma-informed yoga, and trauma therapy groups. These services are tailored to foster rapid and profound results, as evidenced by testimonials from clients who have maintained positive changes in their lives long after their experiences with Walk Intuit.

One of the distinguishing facets of Walk Intuit is their equine therapy program. Unlike traditional therapy settings, Walk Intuit allows clients to engage in healing alongside a herd of horses, leveraging the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding and the horse-human connection. This not only aids in addiction recovery and personal growth but also provides a peaceful and calming experience, highly recommended for anyone dealing with trauma.

The organization's commitment to accessibility is commendable, offering financial flexibility through sliding-scale payment options and partial scholarship opportunities. This ensures that their specialized, trauma-focused approaches are available to a wider audience, including underserved and vulnerable populations.

Walk Intuit’s customized Intensive Outpatient Programs illustrate their adaptability and responsiveness to individual needs, featuring a holistic model that includes various therapeutic modalities. The organization also places significant emphasis on training and supervising trainees and associate therapists, contributing to the development of skilled professionals in the field of healing.

The ethos of Walk Intuit is grounded in a vision of global peace and respect, working from a comprehensive perspective that encompasses the individual, family, community, and even global and ancestral considerations. Their philosophy is rooted in the belief that a safe community space is fundamental to healing, a conviction that is palpable in the testimonials of clients and staff alike.

While the organization is clearly dedicated to its mission, prospective clients should be aware that the intensity and nature of equine therapy, as well as the deep dive into trauma work, might not be for everyone. It's a commitment to a journey of self-discovery and healing that requires active participation and openness to alternative therapeutic approaches.

In comparison to other companies in the Equine Therapy space, Walk Intuit's non-profit status and community-focused ethos provide a unique environment for healing. The organization’s promise to offer not just healing but also a path to a life of fulfillment and community integration makes it a standout choice for those on a quest for holistic betterment.

Products and Services

Walk Intuit offers a holistic and community-focused approach to healing, providing a unique blend of trauma-informed care, equine therapy, and personalized outpatient programs that emphasize spiritual growth, family participation, and the nurturing support of a non-profit model, distinguishing itself by creating a safe space where clients are held in a transformative process for sustained well-being.

Trauma Informed Therapy

A therapy service addressing past experiences and supporting the whole person for rapid and profound client results, with a focus on maintaining positive life changes and community connections.

Equine Therapy

A service offering healing and personal growth through activities with horses, tailored for individuals, families, and groups, emphasizing trauma therapy and spiritual healing within a non-profit model.

Customized Intensive Outpatient Programs

Holistic outpatient treatment programs customized to client needs, including a combination of equine therapy, family therapy, yoga, energy healing, nutrition, art therapy, and more.

Trauma Informed Retreats

Retreats designed for deep healing and spiritual connection, providing a nurturing space for transformative experiences with a community-based approach.


  • Provides a broad range of therapy services including equine therapy and a unique Winter Solstice Retreat

  • Offers volunteering opportunities that foster a strong community involvement

  • Emphasizes flexible and responsive treatment plans tailored to individual client needs


  • The variety of programs and retreats might be confusing for clients looking for a straightforward therapy option

  • Reliance on community donations for program funding could affect service stability

Getting Started

With Walk Intuit, after signing up, you'll enter a nonprofit therapeutic environment that supports healing from trauma with services like equine therapy and trauma-informed retreats. Initial steps include an assessment to personalize your healing journey. You can begin by emailing them for scheduling and insurance inquiries or to discuss sliding-scale payment options. If Walk Intuit doesn't seem like the right fit, you can check out the rest of our rankings.