About Solutions Through Horses Equine Therapy

Solutions Through Horses Equine Therapy, nestled in the scenic locale of San Diego, offers a holistic approach to personal growth and healing through the medium of equine-assisted therapy. Led by the seasoned psychologist, Dr. Tufia Steidle, the center provides an innovative blend of therapy and horse-assisted learning that caters to individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of their emotional landscapes.

What sets Solutions Through Horses apart in the bustling Equine Therapy Companies industry is Dr. Steidle's extensive experience in psychology paired with the therapeutic presence of horses. The center's philosophy is rooted in the idea that horses can act as mirrors to our souls, reflecting back the truths we need to see. This experiential form of therapy goes beyond the traditional couch-and-office setting, offering clients an opportunity to interact with these majestic creatures in a setting that promotes self-discovery and empowerment.

The center's approach is particularly relevant for those who feel stuck or are struggling to effect change in their lives. Through guided equine activities, clients learn to establish boundaries, enhance self-care, and become more effective in their personal and professional lives. Moreover, the center's services are not just limited to individual therapy but extend to groups and workshops, making it an attractive option for organizations looking to offer unique developmental opportunities to their staff or clients.

Critically speaking, while the center boasts a strong methodology and an experienced leader, potential clients should note that Dr. Steidle's popularity means there is a waiting period for individual therapy sessions. However, this can be seen as a testament to the quality and effectiveness of the services offered. In the interim, Solutions Through Horses does offer group sessions and other programs that can provide initial support and engagement.

For those concerned about the impact of the pandemic, the center has adapted by offering virtual therapy options, ensuring that support remains uninterrupted. This adaptability highlights the center's commitment to accessibility and client well-being, regardless of external circumstances.

The use of equine therapy is an evolving field, and for the uninitiated, it may appear unconventional. However, the center provides ample educational resources to help potential clients understand the benefits and processes of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). This level of transparency and education is crucial for those new to the concept and speaks to the center's commitment to informed client participation.

In conclusion, Solutions Through Horses Equine Therapy stands out for its unique integration of psychological expertise and equine-assisted learning. The center's programs promise more than just therapy; they offer a journey towards self-mastery facilitated by the intuitive connection with horses. While individual sessions with Dr. Steidle may require patience due to demand, the center's offerings make it a compelling choice for anyone ready to explore the transformative power of equine therapy.

Products and Services

Solutions Through Horses Equine Therapy offers a holistic and experiential therapeutic approach that leverages the unique connection between humans and horses to empower individuals, including medical professionals, with personalized emotional growth and self-improvement strategies, even incorporating virtual therapy options for remote support.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

A therapeutic approach blending the presence of horses with psychological guidance to improve emotional health, establish boundaries, implement self-care, and empower individuals in control of their lives.

Virtual Therapy

Remote therapy sessions offering an experiential approach to help reach goals, rebound from challenges, and end behaviors that keep clients stuck, enabling them to live a fulfilling life.

Therapy for Medical Professionals

Specialized support for medical professionals impacted by the stresses of their demanding roles, utilizing equine therapy to provide relief and coping strategies.

Equine Therapy Workshops

Development workshops for organizations and companies interested in offering equine therapy groups to enhance staff wellbeing and personal development.


  • Led by an experienced psychologist with 20 years of practice, providing a seasoned perspective on equine therapy

  • Offers group therapy sessions and staff development workshops using equine therapy

  • Provides virtual therapy options, expanding accessibility during the pandemic


  • May have limited capacity for new individual therapy clients due to high demand

  • Group and workshop focus might not provide the level of individual attention some clients seek

Getting Started

After signing up with Solutions Through Horses Equine Therapy, expect an experiential approach to therapy with a focus on personal growth and overcoming challenges. Dr. Tufia Steidle will help you reach your goals through equine-assisted learning and therapy. The first step is usually an initial session to establish therapy objectives. Contact them online to arrange an appointment, keeping in mind that Dr. Steidle is currently focusing on group sessions and workshops. If Solutions Through Horses doesn't seem right, you can check out the rest of our rankings.