About Silver Horse Retreat

Silver Horse Retreat stands as a unique beacon within the Equine Therapy Companies industry, offering an experience that is as transformative as it is serene. Nestled in a tranquil environment conducive to healing, this retreat provides individuals with the opportunity to engage in horse-assisted activities, which are known to catalyze change for those grappling with emotional and psychological challenges.

The retreat's philosophy is grounded in the belief that the connection between humans and horses can be a powerful tool for personal development. Unlike other centers that may have a more clinical or structured approach, Silver Horse Retreat emphasizes a more organic and personal connection with their equine partners. This is evident in their range of services, which includes Horse Constellations and mentorship programs, among others. Such offerings are indicative of an organization committed to not just temporary relief but long-term empowerment of its clients.

One distinctive aspect of Silver Horse Retreat is its focus on inclusivity and community. While some centers may cater exclusively to certain demographics, Silver Horse Retreat opens its doors to a broader audience. This inclusive mindset is vital in an industry where the needs and backgrounds of individuals seeking therapy are as diverse as the therapeutic options available.

The founder, Sara Fancy, is a constant presence, whose personal touch and dedication to the retreat's mission are apparent. The retreat's website and blog posts reflect a deep commitment to their work and the impact it has on participants. From updates on their mustang mare, Corazon, to stories of successful interventions with participants like Little Bear, the content provides a window into the soul of Silver Horse Retreat. It's a place where stories of healing and connection abound, offering hope and reassurance to prospective clients.

While there is a plethora of equine therapy options available, Silver Horse Retreat distinguishes itself through its unique blend of services. The Horse Constellation approach, for instance, integrates equine therapy with the guidance of a seasoned psychologist, offering a novel therapeutic avenue not widely found in the industry. This approach, coupled with the retreat's non-profit model, which integrates trauma therapy and spiritual healing, sets it apart in a crowded field.

The retreat's serene setting and personalized care model echo the industry's shift toward environments that promote not just physical healing but mental and spiritual well-being as well. It's a shift that recognizes the complex nature of recovery and the multifaceted benefits of equine therapy.

In conclusion, Silver Horse Retreat offers a compelling proposition for those seeking equine therapy services. With its holistic approach, commitment to inclusivity, and a wide array of services, it provides a meaningful alternative to traditional therapeutic settings. Its blend of tranquility, personal growth, and community integration makes it a standout choice for anyone ready to embark on their healing journey alongside majestic equine companions.

Products and Services

Silver Horse Retreat offers a transformative equine-assisted therapy experience led by a seasoned psychologist, integrating mentorship and hands-on learning opportunities with therapeutic programs for both individuals and specialized groups such as prison inmates, fostering personal growth and emotional healing in a serene environment.

Horse Constellations

A unique therapeutic approach that combines horse-assisted activities with the guidance of a seasoned psychologist to foster emotional, mental, and physical connectivity.

Mentorship Program

A program offering personal growth opportunities through mentorship in equine-assisted practices and therapies.

Equine Program for Prisons

An initiative introducing equine programs to incarcerated individuals to promote healing and personal development.

Internship/Apprenticeship Opportunities

Hands-on learning experiences for individuals interested in equine therapy, providing practical skills and professional development.


  • Hosts a variety of engaging activities and retreats, including shamanic practices and horse-guided healing

  • Provides a comprehensive online course on the Foundations of Family Constellations for in-depth understanding of family dynamics

  • Unique therapy options like 'Horse Constellations' use horses to explore personal and ancestral issues


  • Specialized retreats and courses may not cater to all individuals seeking equine therapy

  • May require a commitment to shamanic and holistic practices that might not align with every client's preferences

Getting Started

Upon signing up with Silver Horse Retreat, you'll be introduced to a variety of equine therapy services that emphasize personal and ancestral healing. The initial step is likely to include a consultation to determine how horse constellations or other offered therapies can benefit you. Group sessions and individual therapy options are available, with the opportunity to participate in retreats. Get started by subscribing to their newsletter or contacting them directly through their website for more information. If Silver Horse Retreat doesn't seem like a match, you can check out the rest of our rankings.